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-Lineworx Mission Statement

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Even in a power outage, we have you covered....APC 1500Va UPS battery backup systems available.

We have in-house Expert technicians with years of experience to do the job right. Fully insured, including WSIB. MOL trained/certified.

Push the 'EASY' button, and put our experience to work for you!

Our Premium HD colour monitors give you the clearest view.


We carry all the top brands of Commercial IP/Cloud upgradeable and scalable Systems. Choose DVR or Cloud monitoring.

We can design a system that grows with your needs.

Camera environment, position, quantity, and quality, are all important factors for your security goals...from simple to complex, we can assess your needs.

Seeing is Believing, but Recording in HD is the Truth.


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- Richard Radowsky, Owner

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"The Power of Local."

Lineworx has primarily served all the major telecom networks and many government, and commercial enterprises in Niagara for over 10 years.

Superior quality, workmanship,  premium materials and components.

Hard to reach WiFi or Cellular Areas at your business? 

We can help!

Complete  Commercial Security System Solutions

Are you looking for an inexpensive,  simple security solution for home, cottage, or condo?

The size of a smoke detector,  NOVI is super easy to use for anyone with a SmartPhone and home internet connection...

4 in 1 Camera/Smoke Detector/Motion Sensor/Siren.

Additional units can be connected for more coverage.

One time purchase...no monthly contracts.

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With a little computer experience, you can install yourself, or we can install for you!